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Tending the garden


I have decided to try and grow micro greens and baby leaf greens.  Yes I have.  It’s almost spring and I’m itching to get my hands in the soil and start planting.  Hopefully my prep on the veggie patch during the winter has paid off and my veggies will actually grow this year.  If you are wondering what micro and baby leaf greens are, essentially they are just baby plants that are harvested before they reach maturity.  Micro greens are harvested when they are about 1 – 2 inches and baby leaf greens when they are about 2 – 6 inches.  They are packed full of phyto nutrients and taste and the micro greens contain large amounts of chlorophyll which chemically is the closest thing to hemoglobin you will get outside of your body.  They aren’t as nutritionally intense as sprouts but roundabout there.  I’m just going to experiment a bit with different varieties and see what happens.  I shall share with my fellow humans that which I don’t consume.

Hmmm doesn’t that look good

In other news – I’m looking for something to do work wise.  Again.  But for real this time.  I am seriously considering just resigning and…I dunno, not pay my bills.  Maybe I can sell micro and baby leaf greens….it’s a thought.   I am selling mulch though so if you want to buy some give me a shout.  It is almost spring and all and those garden beds need tending!

I am told that one of my more endearing qualities is that I am always positive.  I’m annoying myself with this because despite of what I’m feeling it creeps out.  Even though right now I’m confused and hurt and tired and angry and bruised I find myself looking for the good.  It’s good though right, it means that it’s authentic and not imaginary as I thought.  Something real to hold on to.






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2 thoughts on “Tending the garden

  1. Ahem… you also have that other opportunity that you know, was just handed to you…. :)

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